Relocating to Racine, Wisconsin

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Walk into a world of wonder after relocating to Racine, Wisconsin, home to some of the world’s most innovative global companies. Stroll through Racine’s Belle City Square neighborhood and find hottest boutiques before sitting down at the most delicious restaurants.

Why Move To Racine, Wisconsin

Racine’s location between Milwaukee and Chicago makes it easy to access fun activities, exciting events, and beautiful attractions.

Folks have referred to Racine as Belle (French for “beautiful”) City for years thanks to its gorgeous landscape and four splendid seasons.

Racine has a proven track record of meeting the needs of citizens and businesses by providing ample space for residents, artists, and business owners.

What to Know About Racine

Racine has many places packed full of fun adventures and remarkable resources.

Visit Racine’s unique landmarks while enjoying its great outdoors before diving into some of the best cuisine.

Residents love Racine’s nutritious grocery stores, great schools, and awesome employers!

What to Do Before Moving

Give yourself time to pack your belongings and clean your apartment before moving.

Moving is a large task, so we broke it down in several smaller tasks in our how to move checklist.

Download the PDF so you can cross off each task as you complete it.

Is Racine, Wisconsin Pet Friendly?

Racine has tons of renowned pet stores, loving veterinarians, and large dog parks!

Many pet store owners and veterinarians are Racine natives or residents who are very passionate about the people and pets they call their neighbors.

Who Moves to Racine?

Many people from all walks of life are relocating to Racine, Wisconsin.

Professionals in manufacturing, finance, technology, and education have tons of opportunities to choose from, and the city’s convenient location near Milwaukee and Chicago makes it possible to attend countless events and activities.

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