Racine, Wisconsin’s Top 10 Employers

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Largest Employers in Racine, Wisconsin

We researched Racine, Wisconsin’s top ten employers so you can get an idea of where you’d like to apply.

Racine, Wisconsin has a vast network of strong national and international companies. Professionals will find opportunities in all business fields thanks to the city’s prime location near Chicago and Milwaukee.

Racine’s ideal location makes it possible for businesses to partner with Chicago and Milwaukee-based companies without paying the high price of both cities.

Manufacturing Jobs in Racine, WI

For over 130 years, S.C. Johnson has maintained the same focus as every family: “We want to make the world a better place for the next generation.” The family company is rooted in its morals of creating “a sustainable, transparent, healthy world and with more opportunity for all.”

Established in 1886, the global company’s headquarters remain in Racine, Wisconsin. Today, S.C. Johnson has 13,000 employees worldwide with yearly revenue of $10,00,000,000 making it one of Racine, Wisconsin’s top 10 employers. A frontrunner in the household products industry, you’re probably familiar with their brands Ziploc, Pledge, Windex, Glade, and OFF!, among many others.

The business is 40.6% female and 35.2% ethnic minorities. 54% of the company states they’re members of the Democratic Party. Most S.C. Johnson employees hold their positions for about six years with an average salary of $71,471. Continue reading to learn more about working at S.C. Johnson & Son.


Arthur B. Modine began Modine Manufacturing in 1916 to make thermal solutions for automobiles. The automobile industry snowballed, and Arthur Modine was set “on building better, more reliable, and longer-lasting products.”

Today, Modine Manufacturing specializes in numerous markets, such as HVAC, commercial vehicles, data centers, off-highway, power and industrial, and refrigeration. 14.3% of Modine’s 10,000 employees graduated from a University of Wisconsin College.

Modine Manufacturing’s yearly revenue sits at $1,800,000,000, with most employees bringing home $53,519 each year. Contact Modine to learn more about how you can start your career with the company that’s “Always Innovating, Always Improving.”

Johnson Outdoors is known for its fishing, diving, paddling, and camping products.

As a global manufacturer and marketer, you may have heard of Minn Kota, Humminbird, Cannon, Geonav, Eureka!, Silva, Tech40, Old Town, Ocean Kayak, Necky kayaks, Carlisle paddles, and Extrasport flotation devices.

Johnson Outdoors acquired the assets of Waypoint Technologies and Jetboil Inc. in July 2011 and November 2012.

Today, of the 1,000 employees, 37.4% are female and 30.4% ethnic minorities. 60% of employees are members of the Democratic party and stay with the company for about six years.

On average, a Johnson Outdoors employee’s yearly income is $52,554, with the company’s annual revenue reaching $594,200,000. Learn more about the company’s history, culture, and careers.

Warren Industries, Inc leads the charge for packaging, fulfillment, and logistics.

Established in 1971, the contract, handwork packaging company became one of the Midwest’s largest companies.

Today, Warren Industries has four locations helping clients across the country. Customers of Warren Industries include Quaker Oats Company, The Black & Decker Corporation, Gloria Jean’s Coffees, Reader’s Digest, National Geographic Society, and The Walt Disney Company, to name a few.

Of the 1,000 employees, 12.5% are Purdue University graduates.

Learn more about Racine, Wisconsin’s sustainable 84,000 square foot headquarters and packaging operations.

Jerome Case started Racine Threshing Machine Works in 1842. Case’s threshing machines could thresh ten times as much wheat compared to threshing by hand.

27 years later, Case made the first portable steam engine in 1869, which would help design the first line of road construction equipment in 1912 (hence why compactors and graders were called “steam rollers”).

Case Construction Equipment is a machinery trailblazer with 175 years of experience and over 15 lines of equipment. What started as a company built for farming equipment turned into a company paving the way for road construction equipment making a name for itself as one of Racine, Wisconsin’s top 10 employers.

Today, the Racine-based company has 431 employees with annual revenue of $1,100,000,000. Learn how Case Construction Equipment can help your business and provide construction solutions. Apply today to use your “passion and experience to deliver intuitive and straightforward solutions to customers’ real-world challenges.”

Finance Jobs in Racine, WI

Johnson Financial was founded in 1970 by Samuel C. Johnson to provide banking, wealth, and insurance products and services in Wisconsin and Arizona.

Today, 68% of the 1,100 employees are female and 27.3% ethnic minorities. 86% of employees are members of the Republican Party, with an average retention span of five years.

Johnson Financial Group has an annual revenue of $229,600,000, with most employees making $51,420 each year. Read the story of Johnson Financial and learn about their numerous career opportunities.

Government Jobs in Racine, WI

Established in 1836, the government organization currently employs 447 people. 64.4% of the agency is female and 26.5% ethnic minorities. 72% of employees are members of the Democratic Party.

With a yearly revenue of $21,000,000, the average employee retention is about five and a half years. Learn more about what Racine County offers for residents and visitors, its numerous departments and businesses, and job opportunities.

Retail Jobs in Racine, WI

Jack Rogan opened a retail store in 1971. Over the next 29 years, Jack Rogan opened up 29 stores throughout Wisconsin, Illinois, and Minnesota.

In 2000, the company launched a website to list its locations and display sales. In 2004, Rogan’s website was updated to sell merchandise.

Today, the website displays over 10,000 items for sale. Of the 700 employees, 25.9% have taken classes at the University of Wisconsin – Oshkosh.

Rogan’s annual revenue is $98,300,000. Learn about Rogan’s benefits, such as health and dental insurance, life insurance, and 401(k), and apply today!

I.T. Jobs in Racine, WI

For those looking for work in the information technology (IT) and services industry, CCB Technology has a wide variety of options. CCB’s scope covers “planning, design, implementation, and management of hardware, software, and IT services.”

The private company employs 1,413 people across the country and brings in $27,000,000 yearly. Founded in 1991, CCB Technology’s headquarters remain in Racine, Wisconsin. Read over CCB’s testimonial and meet the people that make “worry-free technology.”

Education Jobs in Racine, WI

Created in 1961, The Racine Unified School District (RUSD) serves the eastern section of Racine County, Wisconsin.

73% of the RUSD’s employees are members of the Democratic Party. 62.7% of the organization is female and 27.8% ethnic minorities.

With 1,971 employees, the average retention span is just under eight years, with yearly revenue of $295,700,000 landing it on the list of Racine, Wisconsin’s top 10 employers.

For news and updates, contact the RUSD to learn about career opportunities!

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