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Community Amenities Available at The William

Experience our thoughtful community amenities through a virtual tour! Community Amenities at The William include a fully equipped fitness center, a club room perfect for hosting friends, a third-floor lounge perfect for a study break or getting some work done, and our expansive lounge and lobby that includes a mailroom and cyber lounge area.

Fitness Center Virtual Tour

The fitness center at the William has everything you need to stay in shape without paying for a monthly gym membership. Our fitness center includes essential exercise equipment like treadmills, a stationary bike, an elliptical, exercise balls, free weights, and space for activities like yoga. Take the virtual tour of our fitness center to see everything we have to help you stay healthy.

Club Room Virtual Tour

Check out the Club Room at The William and discover a space that is perfect for hosting friends and family! Our club room features everything you need to relax and enjoy time with guests including kitchen elements for food preparation, a television, a patio area, and seating for more than 20 people. Take the virtual tour of our club room and start planning your next get-together! 

Third Floor Lounge Virtual Tour

The third-floor lounge at The William is the perfect place to catch a quick study break or get some work done! Our lounge on the third floor is in a convenient location that is easily accessible and is a nice quiet place promoting concentration and allowing you to easily get things done. Check out the virtual tour of our third-floor lounge to get a feel for the space and plan for your next study break!

Lounge & Lobby Virtual Tour

The first floor of The William includes an expansive lounge and lobby area available to all our residents. This space houses the mail room, cyber lounge, and large resident lounge with ample seating and large flatscreen television. This is the perfect place to get some work done on your laptop or hang out with friends and watch some television. Check out the virtual tour to learn more about our lounge and lobby on the first floor. 

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